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Close up paper

Paper and tape closure

Our revolutionary design combines tape and paper to make an easy-to-open, yet tamper-evident seal, that does not take away from its ability to create airtight seals. ​If there is a tear in the paper, someone else got to your package first.

Benefits of Innoseal®

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Easy to use

The tape and paper are easy to install, easy to use, easy to reorder.


Our sealing system delivers products to your customers that are tamper-evident and resealable guaranteeing safety and freshness.

Time efficient

Your bag is closed in the blink of an eye, save time to focus on more important things in life.


Keeping sustainability and environmental interests at heart, Innoseal strives to combine practical solutions with the future in mind.


Innoseal prides itself on the innovation and quality we put in our Sealers and Refill.

Service minded

Your peace of mind with our products is important to us. Our team is easy to reach and happy to serve you.

It's that easy!

Who's using the Innoseal Sealers

Explore our diverse markets, each a vibrant tapestry of desires.


At your bakery, we understand the importance of delivering the freshest, tastiest treats to our customers. That’s why you can trust Innoseal to seal the deal when it comes to freshness and quality.


Innoseal, a modern bag sealing machine, is the trusted choice for food providers, chain grocery stores, and local markets. It effortlessly and efficiently keeps baked goods and produce fresh and secure.

Growers/ packers

Employed globally to enhance productivity and efficiency in agricultural fields and packing facilities, Innoseal is the go-to solution for sealing a wide range of fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Butcher stores

Your staff can operate efficiently and swiftly, ensuring your customers can enjoy their fresh meat or store it in the freezer with ease and convenience.


A fantastic solution for concession stand operators, food truck owners, and smaller street vendors, this compact and portable bag sealer machine offers convenience and efficiency.

Candy stores

Choosing Innoseal is a straightforward decision for both you and your customers. Empower your customers to scoop their favorite candies and effortlessly seal their bags. Plus, they can easily open their bags when they leave your store for a hassle-free experience.

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